Vision, Pillars, Foundation Strengths, Mandate, Mission & Commitment

Bishop Ricardo Grant is the founder, Overseer and Sr. Pastor along with his wife Pastor Shandlene Grant. He is the Father of the Universal Fellowship Alliances of Churches. What is Universal Household of Faith? It is not a traditional church but a non-denominational Faith-based Ministry in its structure and fibers of construction. It is an end-time Apostolic Ministry in its operations and has been deemed Global in its strategic positioning in its mandate, message and reach to mankind and the Body of Christ.

The vision of the house is to establish and mobilize a people of unwavering faith in God, a

kingdom-minded and Word oriented people who are bold in their approach and execution of their god-given assignments. To establish various avenues and projects through the right connections, that will allow sustainable resources to evangelize and minister to the whole man while developing a prototype style of kingdom Ministry and leadership, that will create a nucleus for the Glory of God to emerge in the earth. It is the vision of the Sr. pastor to have a fully staffed ministry that will cater to all aspects of the assignment of the local and global ministry leaving a lasting impact. Thus, we will seek to be vocal and visible in our demonstration of the Word of God, going into all nations, staying focused on building and advancing the Kingdom of God through the Word of God by the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit.

Universal Household Of Faith Is A Global Ministry With An Apostolic Mandate. Advancing The Kingdom
By, Operating In The Spirit Of Love, Unity, Excellence, Hospitality, Prayer, Faith, And The Word Of God.



Our Mandate:
Our Mandate is global in its reach and Apostolic in its nature by the Preaching of the Gospel, Establishing
Works and bringing Order to the Body of Christ through the Word of God by various spirit-led methods.


Our Mission:
The Mission of Universal Household of Faith is to progressively reach out for Souls, Teaching, Training,
Empowering the whole man to become Disciples thus, Hewing out and Developing Leaders for the
kingdom of God.


Our Message: To Preach and Promote the Message of the Kingdom Of God


Our Ministry Motto:
Universal Household of Faith… “Home of The Latter-day Anointing”


The 7 Pillars of Ministry

1. Love
2. Unity
3. Excellence
4. Hospitality
5. Prayer
6. Faith
7. The Word of God


The 5 Foundational Strengths:

1. We are a Praising people
2. We are a people who seek to offer up True Worship
3. We are a people of Prayer & Consecration
4. We are a Word oriented people
5. We are a submitted people in our gifts, talents, tithes, and offerings giving freely to God and

Our Commitment:

  • To Serve God wholeheartedly

  • To Pray and Study the Word of God on a daily basis

  • To Love unconditionally and be quick to forgive

  • To Respect each other and their Opinions

  • To be Faithful and Obedient to Leadership and all Instructions are given

  • To be Faithful in the Giving of our Substance to God and to Ministry for the sustaining thereof

  • To seek to Create and Keep a Family-oriented environment where we are our brother's keepers

  • To make right and godly sustaining Connections that keep the vision in the forefront

  • Our Challenge: To seek to be more committed to God and Leadership while staying Connected to the Vision,

  • and Mandate of the ministry and to each other.